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IAPW Everyday Kindness

Cultivating empathy at home, in the community, and in the classroom.

Everyday Kindness is a hub of social emotional learning, curated activities to spark creativity & empathy at home, in your classroom, and in your community.

Coming together as a community, as a country and as a global collective during the pandemic required empathy, understanding and a sense that we are all in this together. Everyday Kindness  cultivates just that, developing social-emotional learning skills, and helping kids feel positive about themselves and others, decreasing emotional distress, and helping them to build supportive relationships and make good choices.

With the help of In a Perfect World’s Everyday Kindness lessons, I’m able to provide my students with activities that are fun, bright, and joyful, but also teach empathy.

Elementary teacher, Hawaii
a young girl in a purple tee shirt smiles at the camera while painting rocks with faces in her kitchen

Welcome to our hub of inspiration and activities for connection and service

Maddi’s Fridge

Read a story of friendship that addresses childhood hunger, find related activities, and learn what you can do in your own community.

a close up photo of the cover of the book Maddis Fridge

I Have A Dream

Help your child envision how their dreams can make an impact on their family, their community and the world.

art projects of cut out clouds tied together with yarn lie on a table and say "I have a dream" on the front, and dream the children wrote on the back

Gratitude For Delivery Workers

Show gratitude to delivery personnel for their hard work.

a young girl smiling with a box of donated items she collected standing in front of a door

Honoring Pride

Resources to learn about, celebrate, and support LGBTQ+ Pride month.

IAPW Everyday Kindness | Honoring Pride

Summer Self-Care

Challenge yourself to self-care while having fun this summer!

IAPW Everyday Kindness | Summer Self-Care Challenge

My Perfect Summer!

This summer try new things, set fun goals, and explore new places! Map it all out with a My Perfect Summer Vision Board!

Celebrating Juneteenth

Read stories, listen to music and make crafts all while learning the history and significance of this very important day.

IAPW Celebrates Juneteenth, June 19th 2022

Discuss Bias & Hate

Encourage a dialogue with your child and focus their natural empathy into action. Provided by The Anti-Defamation League.

a diverse group of young girls hold sings above their heads with protest signs. one of which reads "none of us is free until all of us are free", and "Black Lives Matter"

Diversity Book List

Instill an appreciation for diversity in our youngest generation with our list of recommended books for your child.

a close yup of the cover of a book called The Colors of Us

In My Perfect World

Imagining your perfect world can help you to find your passion and discover options to serve others.

a piece of paper with drawings and words in crayon that say "In My Perfect World" sits on the table

Starfish Breathing

Kids and parents are trying their best to learn and work at home. Use this video to help you remember to breathe and relax.

two young girls in blue tops talk about the breathing exerv=cises they do during the Covid Pandemic to calm themselves and not feel scared

Birthday Parade

Show your friends you care by organizing a birthday party parade. Celebrate while still observing physical distancing.

a group of young girls with masks on have balloons and signs for their friends birthday during the Covid pandemic when they weren't allowed to play with each other to cheer up their friend

Make Seed Hearts

Beautify your neighborhood by making seed hearts.

A Day of Action

Spark conversations about injustice and allow your voice to be heard by expressing those feelings to your community.

2021 Time Capsule

You are living through history right now. Take time to reflect on this experience and create a record to remember, from RAK Foundation.

Links For Love

Join us and Kids for Peace to create the world’s longest paper-chain with messages of love and hope.

a young mother with a pretty smile sits with her cute daughter on a couch behind a modern coffee table covered in an art project and pens and small scissors that the young girl is working on

Write A Letter

Write a letter to essential workers thanking them for their service. Draw a picture for them on the back!

photo of a woman from the neck down to the desk in a modern blue sweater writing a letter. With a cup full of pencils and paint brushes, an ink well, and a book that she is writing in

Host A Storytime

Connect with friends and family by hosting a storytime. Watch the video with our changemaker champion @gabriellenevaeh.

a young girl raises her hands in the air while laughing with a pink stuffed koala bear in bed next to her

Meditation Centering

Meditation can help regulate emotions and bring awareness. Use this guide to meditating with your family.

a plastic robot sits in a meditation posture with folded legs and hands. He is white and hads very large green goggles on

Immunity Care Package

Create wellness baskets for isolated seniors, brightening their day with a doorstep delivery.

immunity care package with Zinc and Vitamin C and candied ginger in a white basket

Helping Kids Discuss The Virus

Help your child express feelings with this fun & informative tool.

a cartoon drawing of an angry looking virus that is red

Love Rocks For Neighbors

Show love for your community by making love rocks as tokens of connection.

children hands hold black river rocks that were painted in bright colors with designs and the word love on them

Pay It Forward Packages

Create care packages for friends and encourage others to pass along the love.

photo of care package contents on a table including Mint Milanos, Oreos, a bag of Pirates Booty, some drawings and Michelle Obama's book

Busy Boxes

Many kids in foster care are struggling to find engaging activities. Build activity “busy” boxes for kids in need.

photo of boxes with activities in them including books, and pens, and pipe cleaner and other craft items

Kyree’s Sidewalk Chalk

Share messages of hope, encouragement, and gratitude in your community.

chalk on a sidewalk that says Love and Be Kind

Family Wish Jar

Why not turn your dreams into something to look forward to?

a table with a jar on it that says "Our Family Wish Jar" and several post it notes in different colors and hand written suggestions on them

Upcycled Bird Feeders

Make an upcycled bird feeder and learn how we have an impact on everything around us.

Helping Kids Cope Book

Kids can learn how to protect themselves and manage difficult emotions with the help of this story book.

a drawing of a boy on the back of a bird in space flying to the moon holding a book

Sew Masks For Heros

Sew masks for essential workers who are on the front line risking their lives to help our communities.

a group of nurses with masks on pose with a young girl behind a desk with masks that were donated

Cards To Stay Connected

Connect with friends, family & those in need of support with a personal note.

childrens hand with paint on the fingers and paint pens on a table next to rocks that have been decorated in bright colors with designs and hearts and the word Love

The Latest

5 Art Projects that Help Your Community

The growing mind of young artists can create artwork that explores, reflects on, as well as advocates for social issues.

Young girl with her female art teacher, creating kindness rocks using paint - great art empowerment projects.

Doing good from home

Meet Violet She likes dogs, horseback riding, playing with her dolls and gymnastics. She’s young and mighty!…

a young girl in a purple tee shirt smiles at the camera while painting rocks with faces in her kitchen

You, Me, Empathy

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