You, Me, Empathy

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Making kindness come to life

Our Dreamcatchers are little kids doing BIG things! Aged 5-11, Dreamcatchers learn about social issues from hunger and poverty to clean water and climate change through story-telling and arts-based service projects, cultivating their natural empathy for other children (and for the earth!) and empowering them to make a difference.

You, Me & Empathy

What makes you feel sad? Happy? Loved? Worried? Have you ever seen another person feel that way? How did that make you feel? What can you do with that feeling?

These were some of the questions our Dreamcatchers pondered as they learned about tolerance, respect, and compassion for themselves and for those around them.

Why? Because cultivating empathy in children leads them to profound acts of youth-led, youth-driven service.

In someone else’s shoes

Did you know that people we see every day could be struggling with invisible problems? They might be sad about something, nervous about a new experience, they might not feel like anyone loves them.

If you were not having a perfect day, what would make you feel better? What could encourage you?

Getting to work!

Armed with these questions, our Dreamcatchers got to work creating Love Rocks with words of encouragement. One rock for themselves, one for a loved one and one (or more!) to serve as a random act of kindness.

Who would they give them to? Why? How does it feel to know that you did something special for people you may never meet?

Our Dreamcatchers decided to leave their rocks at the park, in the mailbox, on their teacher’s desk, on the school bus. They imagined who would find them and what feelings they’d have.

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little kids, BIG things!

Sometimes the simplest of acts can have the most profound affect. Our Dreamcatchers were empowered knowing that they could change someone’s whole day with their simple gift.

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More tips to show kindness:

We don’t have to wait until Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17) to show kindness. Here are some quick tips to make the world a more kind place:

1 – Make a homemade thank you card.

2 – Leave a treat for your mail carrier.

3 – Plant a tree.

4 – Donate used books to a library or family shelter.

5 – Write positive sticky notes to leave around your school or community.

6 – Befriend the new kid in class.

7 – Create bookmarks to share at the library.

8 – Donate supplies to an animal shelter.