Converting idealism into action

Through the power of art and storytelling, we teach young kids about social issues from hunger and poverty to clean water and climate change, cultivating their natural empathy for other children (and for the planet!) and empowering them to make a difference. 

Arts, Empathy, Action!

Based in social emotional learning, our Dreamcatchers program teaches kids how to manage their emotions, set goals, show empathy for others, establish positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

We use art and stories to broaden children’s awareness of the world around them and appreciate the perspectives of others.  We turn their natural empathy into action, helping them to build a plan to make a difference in the world. 

Building connections

Being a Dreamcatcher means building connections in a supportive community, where their ideas are welcomed and collaboration is fun and rewarding!

Many of our Dreamcatchers go on to become Youth Ambassadors, deepening their understanding of critical issues in their communities and the world, and taking their impact to the next level.

My son has gained so much from participating in the Dreamcatcher’s program. With every workshop and project, he learned priceless lessons that he’ll take with him to adulthood. He now has a confident voice and feels empowered to make a difference in the world… something that every child should learn!

Caroline, Mom of Nicholas (Dreamcatcher)

Dreamcatchers in Action

Fighting Childhood Hunger!

When our pint-size activists heard about Maddi, they were inspired to learn more about childhood hunger, and compelled to make a difference!

a young girl smiles and poses behind a table covered in food that she collected to donate

La Frontera

Dreamcatchers in action. Our Dreamcatchers are little kids doing BIG things! Aged 5-12, Dreamcatchers learn about social issues from hunger…

Doing good from home

Meet Violet She likes dogs, horseback riding, playing with her dolls and gymnastics. She’s young and mighty!…

a young girl in a purple tee shirt smiles at the camera while painting rocks with faces in her kitchen

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