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Unlocking the potential of young people to change the world.

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In our perfect world, all young people realize they have the power to make meaningful change.

We inspire and empower the next generation of global changemakers with the tools, skills, and opportunities they need to succeed and thrive.

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SOUPer Bowl for Kids!


Kids working together to tackle childhood hunger!


Noah’s BabyLove Project


Helping Moms & Babies facing poverty & homelessness.

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Pint-size Activists


Lucia & Luna’s Neurodiversity initiative, supporting students with special needs.

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Our programs lead the next generation to become changemakers in their community by providing access to education and cultivating creativity, social consciousness, and leadership.
By putting youth at the center of our work, we unlock the unlimited potential of young people to change the world.

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Mbongozi Secondary School

Why is this secondary school so important? Currently, only nine percent of students who complete primary school in Malawi go…

Tablets for Students in Guatemala

When schools closed due to the pandemic, students in Guatemala would not re-enter the classroom for 2 years. Children in…

Fighting Childhood Hunger!

When our pint-size activists heard about Maddi, they were inspired to learn more about childhood hunger, and compelled to make a difference!

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