Doing good from home

a young girl in a purple tee shirt smiles at the camera while painting rocks with faces in her kitchen
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Meet Violet

She likes dogs, horseback riding, playing with her dolls and gymnastics.

She’s young and mighty!

And, she has a heart of gold.

As one of our Dreamcatchers, Violet has been serving her community year after year. From stuffing backpacks to support classrooms in Los Angeles, to designing hospital gowns for sick children, Violet is proof that little kids can do big things!

She also remembers to take time for herself, like when she made this cool (purple!) mindfulness jar which helps kids deal with big emotions.

When the pandemic hit, Violet kept up her acts of service by doing good from home. Using our Everyday Kindness resources, Violet made love rocks to share with her neighbors and showed gratitude for delivery workers by making a healthy snack bin for them.

decorative stars decorative stars
We asked Violet what it feels like to be a changemaker.
Here’s what she had to say…

I like to do things that make people feel good and that will make them smile. It feels really good to know that I can make a difference!

Violet, age 9

We think you’re pretty awesome, Violet. Thanks for being such a good example to others!