Tablets for Students in Guatemala

young students in Guatemala wave and hold up tablets that were donated to help their schooling
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When schools closed due to the pandemic, students in Guatemala would not re-enter the classroom for 2 years. Children in Latin America and the Caribbean lost 4 times more school days during the pandemic than any other children globally.

families by providing tablets to each family in the community of Arenal, where we funded the construction of a school in 2019. The tablets contain content to reinforce learning, both when schools are closed and within a hybrid capacity.

a young girl with a mask on smiles and hold a box with a new tablet that will help her education

Teachers within the community also received tablets as a resource within their curriculum and plan to incorporate into their classrooms when schools reopen. Families in Arenal received a tablet preloaded with learning resources including Ministry of Education Learning Guides, Khan Academy, Read Along, and Math Master. An additional Library of Books were also provided.

two Guatemalan girls smile while using a new tablet they received for their school

A survey of parents and teachers was conducted to assess the usefulness of the tablets.



Parents reinforced these statements mentioning that their children learn in an easy and fun way, that this has encouraged older children to become mentors of younger children.

a young girl and a baby look at a tablet they received to help with their education

“We appreciate the help with our children’s tablets because they have improved in math and in reading. The children like to use the tablet more because they have games where they learn different things that help them in their studies. Also the tablets have helped a lot with homework since they aren’t in school.”

Mother of 4, Guatemala

“We use the tablet frequently, which has helped in the teaching process during the hybrid mode. We leave tasks for the students, share recordings with instructions so they can perform the reinforcement exercises. We refer to videos and readings related to the topic that was taught and the children are asked to read and watch, so that their level of understanding increases.”

We’re pleased that our partnership with School the World has allowed us not only to bring education to the community, but urgent resources for continued learning.