IAPW supports Afterschool Program in Oakland

IAPW supports Afterschool Program in Oakland
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September 2013-March 2014


Through our partnership with buildOn, IAPW supported the Afterschool Program at Coliseum College Prep Academy in Oakland, California. In a Perfect World’s support allows buildOn to empower and increase the civic engagement and leadership skills of high school students in a goal-oriented and supportive environment. The Afterschool Program provides access to community service and educational and leadership opportunities as a means of preparing students to address the challenges they face in their everyday lives and succeed in the face of these challenges. Students come to demand accountability from their schools, teachers and parents and learn to see themselves as the solution to their neighborhoods’ challenges.

Student Voices from Coliseum College Prep Academy

“I believe that there is a need for our service in the community so that we can be role models and set the grounds for those younger than us. And for those older than us, they can know that our service to the community contributes to our future and the way that our community will be in the future. Our service is needed to show others that we are not just a bunch of kids from a community where violence is everywhere. But as kids who just want to make a difference in their world to make it a better place. I believe that with this service we are fulfilling our duties to our community, family, and most importantly to ourselves.”

– Ana, 9th grade student at CCPA